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    “XV Call for the Pacific Alliance’s Student and Academic Mobility Platform 2024-2”

    mayo 22, 2024

    The Pacific Alliance has just announced the opening of the “XV Call for the Student and Academic Mobility Platform” for the 2024-II. This initiative reflects the ongoing commitment to cooperation and educational integration among Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru and also offers a unique opportunity for students and academics to strengthen their knowledge and skills […]

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    日本への奨学金 – 2025

    mayo 9, 2024

    在ペルー日本大使館は、ペルーのカイェタノ・エレディア大学国際課との共催日本留学セミナーを実施しました。同セミナーはオンラインで開催され、日本留学に関心のあるカイェタノ大学生を対象に行われました。 カイェタノ大学国際課担当者は、日本大使館に感謝の意を表し、外国で成功するための学術及び文化適応のプロセスは非常に重要だと強調しました。 カイェタノ大学国際課は、学生に適切な海外の大学及び学科・コースの選定に係るオリエンテーションを行い、留学中も学生を全面的にサポートする機関です。 また、日々国際ネットワークの構築・拡大に努め、国際化を推進することで、学生に国際的な経験、成功のチャンスを提供します。 オンラインセミナーの視聴はこちら:

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    Fulbright scholarships

    abril 29, 2024

    On Thursday, April 18, a virtual discussion on Fulbright scholarships was held with the students of UPCH. These scholarships, considered the most prestigious awards granted by the U.S. government, not only provide the opportunity to study abroad but also allow recipients to become part of a vast international network filled with professional and academic possibilities. […]

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    Indian Ambassador’s visit to UPCH

    abril 23, 2024

    On April 5th, the Indian Ambassador to Peru, Mr. Vishvas Sapkal, visited the central campus of the University with the aim of exploring opportunities for academic collaboration between the two institutions. Dr. Castañeda opened the meeting with a warm welcome to Ambassador Sapkal, providing an overview of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH) and its objectives for […]


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